Queen Crawl is a fundraising competition in which participants raise money for one of our five preselected nonprofits — U.T.O.P.I.A, Somos, Lifelong, Lambert House, and Lavender Rights Project — that we’ve assigned to Guilds. To participate, register below and select the Guild (nonprofit) you would like to raise money for. Upon registration completion, you’ll be provided a profile page on our website where donors can contribute funds to your cause and you can use to share on social media in promotion of yourself and your guild.

Fundraising efforts conclude with a bar crawl, which is your last opportunity to raise money. The competitor who raises the most money for their Guild by the end of the crawl is crowned Queen of the Crawl.

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Long ago in the Kingdom of Crawl lived a beloved queen. Wise and true, she ruled the land as fair as could be, but not all were happy with the queen.

A guild of the kingdom’s loyal five — Feast, Shade, Sassay, Thirstay, and YQ — despised her majesty and vowed to see her end.

So, with their blistering side eye and gossipy tales, members of the Shade guild concocted a malicious plan. One the likes of which the kingdom was soon to forget…

An invitation went out, a ball was to be had, and all the kingdom gathered to relish in admiration of their queen.

Then, as the clock struck midnight, members of Shade proposed a toast with one ill phrase, “These lands will NEVER know a queen like this ever again…”

It’s said that Crawl went dark that day, but all that is certain is that the entire kingdom awoke in a daze clueless as to who or where their queen might be.

Months passed and no memories of the beloved queen ever came. In their grief, the kingdom decided that a new highness must be named…

Charitable Heart

When registering for Queen Crawl, you’ll select a non-profit that you would like to raise money for. Once finished, you’ll be assigned a profile page on our website that you’ll use to pull in donations for your chosen cause. The Queen who raises the most money for their cause at the end of Queen Crawl wins the crown!

Strength of a Knight

On the day of our Royal Bar Crawl, all potential Queens will dress in drag and take off to pre-selected pub locations throughout the kingdom.  Drag is optional, but  your endurance can’t be put to the test without being in full makeup, a gown, a wig and some heels now can it?


Don’t know how to look royal? Worry not, the guilds have put together a team of makeup artist to help potential Queens look as if they beat the plague. You may, of course, opt out from some royal treatment but you want to win, right? Oh, and sorry, this isn’t a Cinderella fairy tale, potential queens must supply their own wardrobe, heels and hair. Just make your attire fit for a Queen so your guild won’t turn its cheek.

Makeup Assistance
Registered Queens $25
Non Registered Queens $100
Ranking Princess Free


While on your quest for the crown, you must climb the royal ladder. With each monetary donation that you receive, your noble standing will increase thus bringing you ever closer to the crown.

Amount Raised
Commoner $0 – $99
Lady $100 – $249
Countess $250 – $499
Duchess $500 – $999
Princess $1000+

Queens Loot

Not only will your selected non-profit reep the benefits of your journey to a crowned victory, there’s something in it for you as well… because a bedazzled crown just isn’t enough for our new Queen…

See Loot

With the standards laid out, the guilds opened the bid for the throne. Do you have what it takes to pledge yourself to a guild and win the crown?