Ohhh… fancy you thinks the crown can be yours? Alright then, let’s see what you got!

But first, straighten that weave, commoner. The masses won’t adore a mess like that!

There, that’s better. Now, slip on a gown and if you haven’t already, review your Royal Obligations and let’s get to it.

Just so you’re aware, this competition will be fierce. You’ll have to out raise and out crawl all matters of competitors to claim the throne…

Still interested?

Be an Ally

Being a Queen isn’t for everyone, but being an Ally to the Kingdom is! With a one time donation of $25 or higher, you get all the perks of being part of the Kingdom without any
competitive obligations.
Have you no desire to compete for the crown? No worries, royal life isn’t for everyone. Consider instead registering as an ally of the Kingdom and support a cause without any of the royal obligations.

Oh my- looks like its too late to join the competition as a competing Queen. However, join us as a Kingdom Ally and get all the benefits. Did you know there will be tons of prizes to win along the crawl that are only eligible to Competitors and Allies?